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      Shaanxi Yong Rui Ltd. was established in 1998, the company is located in Xian National Economic and Technological Development Zone Fengcheng 3; registered capital of 3 million yuan, fixed assets of 500 million, the existing staff of 80, has college education of technical management staff of 20 people; business in September 2003 through the national ISO9001 quality management certification.

       Company business set: PVF coating, green, olive green zinc coating, military gray zinc coating, color zinc coating, white zinc coating series double wall pipe, used in various vehicles, refrigeration equipment, industrial equipment required pipelines, gas pipelines. Set manufacturing, machining, metal surface treatment, processing and sale of high and low voltage electrical system in one complete sound system business. With the continued implementation of the western development strategy in recent years gradually mature market economy, the continuous development of the western building, business has ushered in a good development opportunities. With an area of 30 acres of ancient industrial park production base a project is completed and put into production, so that production capacity of more enhanced, more diverse product specifications, business now has all kinds of advanced machining equipment 18 sets, to meet the various requirements mechanical processing capacity; especially business investment of more than 700 million yuan in building the two have currently the industrys most advanced automated production lines uninterrupted continuous galvanizing coating, so that their product quality and stability in the entire industry have obvious advantages, greatly enhanced Yong Rui company in the industrys competitiveness, for the development of enterprises laid a solid foundation.

       Enterprise long insisted: "honesty, customer first, high quality, courteous service" business philosophy, enterprise customer base continues to grow, the business mainly in the service in local weapons industry and the aerospace unit of several large state-owned enterprises and Institute; domestic operations in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Chongqing, Shandong, Hebei, Henan and other provinces and cities, through foreign trade channels product marketing the United States, Canada, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Myanmar, Spain and other countries.
In the course of many years of operation of enterprises, and gradually form a broad and stable customer base and establish a good corporate and product image, but also with customers to establish a good relationship of cooperation, general manager of Mr. Dongsheng providers promise: We will never sharp Full Heart investment, hard work, along business "in harmony with nature, realistic development, drinking water source, Gratitude" spiritual purpose to make progress, the intention to provide our customers with more quality and efficient service; honor hope you advanced can continue to support us, encourage us, together to create a new and eternal life is forever sharp.