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Production line

Source:     Time:2015-07-01
Yong Rui Ltd. Shaanxi double welded steel pipe products in 2006 to build production lines, production line, led by the chairman Mr. providers together to create outstanding team, at the beginning of the construction line, total business went to Germany, USA, France visit and study visits after returning to the situation of China, our factory and workers actual experience, through trial and error to build a unique two self-developed domestic production lines to produce high-quality double-welded steel products, varieties are: φ4 × 0.5, φ4. 76 × 0.7, φ6 × 0.7, φ6.35 × 0.7, φ8 × 0.7, φ9.52x0.7, φ10 × 0.7, φ12x0.7, φ8 × 1, φ10 × 1, φ12 × 1, φ15x1, in line with YB / T 4164-2007 standard, and color to fit customer requirements for zinc, white zinc galvanizing, olive galvanized, PVF coating and other surface treatments, is a professional double pipe finishing production-oriented enterprises.