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Metals "veterans" - Copper

Source:     Time:2015-07-01
Copper is one of the metal was first discovered and used by human beings, it is the advent of iron than early 1500, 1,600 years earlier than zinc, aluminum earlier than 3,000 years, therefore, it was the metal of brass called "veterans."
Copper is a heavy metal, a melting point of 1083 degrees Celsius, the boiling point is 2310 degrees, pure copper is purple. Copper has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, the electrical conductivity of all metals in second place, behind silver; its thermal conductivity ranks every three, behind silver and gold. Excellent ductility of copper, copper drop size, can be pulled growth up to 2000 meters of filament, or be rolled into wider than the bed almost transparent foil.
Copper can be made into various alloys, the most common is brass, bronze and copper-nickel alloy. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, named because of its yellow; bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, because it was named after the blue; bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, because it was named after the blue; white copper It is an alloy of copper and nickel, due to its silvery name.
Copper because of its excellent performance and have important uses, they have been widely used. The worlds annual production of copper, about half for the electrical industry, so copper is known as the pillars of electrification. Manufacture wires, electric switches, bells, fans and telephone and so need copper. In the machinery industry, copper can be used in the production of switches, valves, bearings, bearings, pumps and high-pressure steam equipment. In the military industry, copper is widely used in the manufacture of various shells, bullets, ships on the condenser, heat exchangers, and aviation instruments in a variety of flexible components. A locomotive needs 500 kilograms of copper, a 10,000 spindles required 31 kilograms of copper, copper required a truck 21 kg. Copper salts are an important raw material of chemical, tanning, dyeing, pesticides and other production sectors.
The nature of the natural copper ore rarely, it is a form of the compound present in the ore more metal. It has been found that copper was nearly 180 kinds. The most widely distributed mainly sulfide copper minerals and oxides of copper ore copper ore, copper production worldwide mostly from sulfide copper ore was processed. Nature, mainly chalcopyrite, chalcocite and malachite.