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Galvanized pipe with what are the features

Source:     Time:2015-07-01
1) The color of galvanized pipe with a little blue,
2) Weight: 6 meters long and 5.5 kg (somewhat less strong corrosion resistance, service life is shorter than the life of hot dip galvanized steel, the price is low economy). Galvanized pipe with white shiny and reflective, very little snowflake-shaped, two-port clean and free of zinc tumor
Hot dip galvanized steel:
1) Color galvanized pipe a little pale,
2) Weight: 6 meters long and 6.5 kg (corrosion resistance, long life, the price is slightly higher); hot dip galvanized steel but not shiny snow white non-glare, many surface flakes, two-port zinc tumor (coagulation like zinc)
Hot dip galvanized steel (hot-dip zinc galvanized pipe) are the molten metal and the reaction of the iron matrix alloy layer, so that the substrate and coating combination of both. Supply of hot galvanized steel pipe is first pickled, in order to remove iron steel surface after pickling, through ammonium chloride and zinc chloride or zinc chloride aqueous solution mixing tank or cleaning, then into the hot dip tank. HDG has a uniform coating, strong adhesion, long life and other advantages.
Hot dip galvanized steel substrate with the molten bath complicated physical and chemical reactions, corrosion-resistant compact form of zinc-iron alloy layers. Alloy layer and the pure zinc layer, steel substrate integrated. Therefore it resistant to corrosion.